Where to Get Lash Extensions?

Where to Get Lash Extensions

There is something about voluminous lashes that just makes people stop in their tracks. It’s no wonder, then, that there have been numerous products and services throughout the years promising to give you longer and fuller lashes.

These trends have appeared in the form of growth serums, miracle mascaras, and lash curlers, but the most pervasive and contemporary ones are lash extensions. Having looked at some before and after pictures of the procedure, you may be wondering: “Where can I get lash extensions?”

While it is true that most beauty salons offer lash extension services nowadays, not all of them are equally good. Stay tuned, and we will tell you all about lash extensions and how to choose the best studio to get the procedure done.

What Are Lash Extensions?

Lash extensions are natural or synthetic fibers of various lengths, curl types, and diameters applied to your lashes to make them look longer, fuller, and darker. Individual threads are glued to each of your natural lashes using medical-grade glue.

Many different materials can be used to make extension fibers, including real human hair, silk, synthetic, mink, and even horsehair. While synthetic fibers can give you a darker and bolder look, the mink and silk ones look more natural.

How to Get Lash Extensions?

Before you consider getting lash extensions, it would be wise to learn about the procedure you would be going through. The first thing to be aware of is that the process takes quite a bit of time since the extension fibers are glued to your natural lashes individually.

Depending on the style and lash thickness you choose, you may be required to set aside a couple of hours. Here are the steps clients usually go through during the application process: 

  • Evaluation — When you arrive for your appointment, you will first have a consultation with the technician regarding the procedure, covering the advantages and possible disadvantages of getting lash extensions. The technician may also ask you about any sensitivities you may have that would make lash extensions unsuitable for you. 
  • Picking your style — Having made sure that you can safely proceed with the process, it is time to tell your technician about the style of eyelashes you want and the effect you would like to achieve. 
  • Preparing the eye area — Once you’ve chosen the desired look, the technician will have you lay down and use gentle cleansing products to clean the area around the eyes and prepare it for lash application. Clients are advised to come to the appointment with no make-up on. 

Application — The next step is the central part of the process — the technician will use tweezers and medical-grade glue to apply the extension fibers. It is important to note that the fibers are not glued to the skin but directly to your eyelashes. Typically, one fiber is glued to one eyelash unless you want a bolder look where more fibers need to be used.

How to Choose the Best Eyelash Studio?

Now that you know more about what lash extensions are and what to expect from the application process, you’re probably asking yourself: “Where do I get lash extensions?” To answer that question, you need to be aware of the most important factors that set good lash studios apart from average and bad ones.

Technician’s Qualifications

The absolute number one condition any lash studio needs to fulfill is the guaranteed expertise of the technician performing the procedure. This is very important since the eye area is one of the most sensitive areas of the body, and it is paramount to have a properly-trained person handling the application process.

Sherry Lash Studio employs experienced technicians with thousands of lash applications under their belts. Even if you opt for a student to do your extensions, every single step of the process will be supervised by senior staff, ensuring maximum quality of the service.

Hygiene of the Studio

Right up there with the technician’s expertise is the hygiene of the lash studio and the tools used during the procedure. Luscious lashes may be worth your time and money, but they are definitely not worth a gnarly eye infection.

That’s why a high level of hygiene at the studio is non-negotiable, and Sherry Lash Studio makes a point of keeping the place spotless at all times, as well as using only sterilized tools to apply for lash extensions.

Customizable Service

When choosing where to get lash extensions, another good indicator of an excellent studio is the range of options you can choose from when it comes to lash materials, lengths, diameters, curl strengths, and overall style extensions.

Everyone has a unique lifestyle, preferences, and facial features, so you want to be sure the lashes you get are tailored to your specific desires.

Sherry Lash Studio offers a long list of different lash styles and types you can choose from. You can pick your preferred length, volume, color, diameter, and curl, and the skilled technicians will make sure you walk out of the studio looking and feeling your best.


While eyelashes may not constitute a large portion of your face, their appearance can significantly influence your overall look. Therefore, getting lash extensions may prove to be one of the best beauty investments you’ve ever made.

Before making your appointment, however, make sure you are familiar with all that the application process entails, and choose a professional studio that can provide the best service possible.

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