Makeup Franchise or Lash Studio Franchise?

Sherry Lash Studio Franchise

If you are looking for a business opportunity that will set you apart from the other business competitors, you have come to the right page! In today’s modern-day and age, the beauty market is continuously expanding. But, are you making the right decision by investing in any beauty market?

As it goes, there are major differences between franchises inside the beauty industry, and, unfortunately, not all of them are worthy of your time and money. So, what are the current trends in the beauty industry that could bring about a significant change in your business portfolio?

Although a lot of business moguls would go straight for a makeup store franchise, we want you to think a bit differently and go in a direction that will prove to be more lucrative in the long run. We’re thinking of a lash extension studio franchise.

Unlike a makeup franchise, a lash studio franchise has immense market potential and the demand is ever-growing. Although both franchises are part of the growing industry, there’s a lot that sets them apart from one another.

Each of our lash studios uses a unique method of applying artificial lashes to the client’s natural lashes. The process has been made simple and painless and that’s why it’s the first step in a woman’s guide to natural beauty. As more women are opting for a ready-to-go look, reapplying coats of mascara every day and applying false lashes is démodé and time-consuming.

For that and many other reasons, lash studio franchise opportunities have now taken over makeup franchise opportunities in the global investment market. So, if you’re intrigued, you can join the continually growing trend of 2020 and become a part of our lash studio franchise.

Having said that, franchising in the lash studio business is a clear investment choice as more women are turning to products accentuating their natural beauty.

Why Not Invest in a Makeup Franchise

There are plenty of business opportunities within the beauty industry that might spark an interest in you. However, if you’re thinking about makeup franchise opportunities, you should know that there are a few disadvantages that come along with it.

As opposed to a makeup store franchise, a lash studio franchise has a lower operating model, including operating costs. If this is the first franchise you’re investing in, a lash studio franchise is a perfect solution. You won’t need a large starting capital, since a lash extension business does not require it. Of course, it all depends on the location you select and what you expect to accomplish in terms of upgrades and further growth. Nevertheless, a lash extension franchise requires low initial and ongoing operating costs.

Furthermore, unlike a makeup studio franchise, a lash studio franchise requires low inventory. As you might be aware, the choices are much more abundant when it comes to makeup. The requirements for a starting inventory are much larger as there are numerous skin types, shades, etc. that are needed to suit a larger market and demand. On the other hand, a lash studio franchise would not require a large starting inventory as there are fewer products that go into a lash extension procedure.

In the same manner, if you decide on joining a lash extension franchise you can expect to have low staff needs. What do we mean by that? If you haven’t run a business before, there’s a lot that goes into equipping a studio and meeting your staff’s needs. But, in the lash franchise, there isn’t a lot that you have to think about since the whole procedure is quite straightforward.

Conversely, you will need to train your staff adequately as the process of extending lashes is much more complicated than the process of applying makeup. The technique is detailed and intricate, so the lash technicians need to go through multi-phase training in order to work in a highly professional lash studio. However, if you decide to open a lash franchise with us, the whole training process of new first-class lash technicians is taken care of as we strive for perfection in all of our studios.
We understand that getting started in any business is challenging, but, luckily, we are here to make it a bit easier for you. If you have any questions about starting a franchise with us, let us know!

If you have any other questions or concerns about expanding your business ventures into the beauty industry, we’ve got you covered! Give us a call and we will answer all of your inquiries.

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