Lash Tint

Cosmetic treatments can make a drastic difference in our appearance and make us feel nourished and attractive. However, some procedures like microblading and permanent makeup can be a bit invasive and result in a less natural look. Still, most cosmetic procedures are pure magic — dyeing your eyelashes with an eyelash tint is one such magical technique.
This particular procedure uses creamy dyes to permanently darken your lashes and make it look like you’re always wearing mascara. It gives more intensity and beautiful contours to your makeup-free face. Most importantly, you can finally get that “this is how I woke up” look you’ve always desired.


How Is It Applied and How Long Does It Last?

This procedure is more than simple and doesn’t require much time. Just visit a beauty studio where qualified staff will apply the right amount of lash tint to your eyelashes after placing protecting shields to the bottom of your eyelids. The dye should sit for 10 minutes and then your lashes will be ready to look stunning.
Extra Tip: Try to keep your eyes out of the water for 24 hours after the procedure and use only oil-free makeup removers. The color is permanent but it will fade with time.

Who Is Lash Tinting for?

Just like permanent makeup, this cosmetic procedure serves to save your valuable time and make you look more beautiful. The tint will not affect the density or length of your lashes but make them visually fuller and more intense.
If your hair is naturally dark, the tint will not make a huge difference. On the other hand, if you have lighter hair and blond eyelashes that are hardly noticeable on your face, coloring will make it look like you have had eyelash extensions done.
Also, most candidates who opt for lash tinting are busy individuals who don’t have much time for makeup but still care about their appearance in public. Plus, we must consider that many among us are just too lazy to make mascara every morning.

Why Do We Recommend Eyelash Tint to Everyone?

Lash tinting is one of our favorite treatments you can get in a beauty studio. True professionals and trusted brands can drastically improve the way you look — all that is required is a small investment and a bit of time.

There are multiple benefits of lash tinting. Take a look at the list below to learn what a bit of eyelash dye can do:

  • It can entirely replace the daily application of mascara.
  • It gives more intense color and visual fullness to your lashes.
  • It is easy and quick to apply (10 minutes only).
  • The color lasts until new eyelashes grow (minimum 30 days).
  • The treatment is safe if you are in the hands of professionals.
  • It is very affordable and generally costs much less than permanent makeup.

Sherry Lash Studio — The Best Choice

It doesn’t matter if you come to us for extensions, lash lift, or lash tint — you will always enjoy professional service and cosmetic products of the highest quality in Sherry Lash Studio.
Note that we are not just an ordinary studio but an academy. Wherever you meet us, Miami, Hallandale, or Davie, you will find a dedicated team that consists of experienced professionals and talented and enthusiastic students who are ready to learn under the watchful eye of our coaches.
We put our clients in the hands of trained and skillful people who know what they are doing, so feel free to choose the best eyelash tint, and eyelash lift in our lash studio and our staff will provide you with a refreshing look in only a couple of minutes.
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