Lash Lift

Are you looking for a way to make your eyes even more alluring? Getting a lash lift treatment could be the perfect solution. The non-invasive procedure involves the use of different creams to adjust the shape of your lashes.
When you get an eyelash lift, the expert will tilt your lashes upwards, exposing your gorgeous eyes. Unlike most permanent hair procedures, the treatment is not harsh. You won’t experience any damage to your lashes. The results of the treatment are semi-permanent, lasting from six to eight weeks depending on various factors. Learning more about this procedure can help you make an informed decision.


How Long Does a Lash Lift Take?

Perhaps the greatest benefit of this procedure is that you can improve your appearance without investing too much time. Lash lifts are quick and painless, taking less than 30 minutes. Your beautician will start by cleaning your lashes and the area around your eyes. Don’t bother with your morning makeup routine, as you will need to take it off for the lift. The professional will then apply a silicon shield on your eyelids, before proceeding to curl the lashes. The hair sticks to the silicon, so the expert can apply a perm solution safely.
The product needs around 15 minutes to take hold, after which your technician will wipe it off. The final step is the application of a setting solution to ensure your lashes keep their new shape. For best results, you will have to keep your eyelashes from getting wet for at least 24 hours. This lets them set properly.

Is This Procedure for You?

A key benefit of this procedure is that virtually anyone can opt for it, as the only consideration is the condition of your lashes. The expert will check that they are strong enough before proceeding with the treatment. Their main concern is to make sure there is no damage to your lashes during or after the treatment.
Women of all ages can draw attention to their eyes with a lash lift. Because the procedure is simple and affordable, it is becoming increasingly popular.

Pros of Eyelash Lifts

There are several reasons why you should get a lash lift, including the following:

  1. Eliminate the need for ongoing maintenance of your eyelashes. No more struggling with the curler in front of the mirror! Ditch it once and for all;
  2. Improve the appearance of your lashes without the need for eyelash extensions or other artificial options. Getting a lift is a better option;
  3. Keep it natural and healthy. You will not have to treat your lashes after a lift treatment.
  4. Frame your eyes perfectly. The beautician will ensure you have just the right curl to give your eyes an irresistible look;
  5. The treatment involves tinting as well. As a result, you can forego the mascara for a few weeks, at least.
What more could you want? Lash lifts are the ideal solution for effortless beauty. Simplify your morning routine and give yourself time for more enjoyable things.

Why Sherry Lash Studio Is the Best Choice

Sherry Lash Studio is your go-to salon for a range of Hollywood-caliber cosmetic treatments. Women come from all over Florida, including Davie, because they trust our experts to give them the look they want. You can get a world-class lash lift as well as a range of other treatments in the beauty salon. Our employees undergo extensive training. Moreover, our coaches supervise and control the procedure. You’re in good hands at Sherry, you’re getting the most reliable lash lift in the city.
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