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Apart from eyebrows, lashes affect the way we look the most. If you’ve ever applied mascara in your life, you know how much of a difference a nice set of lashes can make. Lashes make you look more awake, rested, and sophisticated. That’s why so many women opt for lash extensions these days and want natural set lashes that will make them look great even without makeup.
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Everyone who has tried lash extensions knows how practical and beautiful these are. If you are among those who are still hesitant when it comes to eyelash extensions, we have good news! At Sherry Lash Studio, we can create classic eyelash extensions that will make you feel beautiful and look natural at the same time.

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Natural Set Lashes in the Beauty Salon

Lash extensions have become quite popular in recent years — you must know at least a few women who get their lashes done on a regular basis. That’s mainly because these extensions are practical and they make your life easier, as well as make you feel pretty at all times.
While cat-eye lashes might be a bit much for the majority of first-time customers, our natural set lashes are a perfect choice. These look so natural and pretty that we always recommend them to our new customers, especially those who have never had lash extensions in the past.
By opting for our classic eyelash extensions in the beauty salon, you will get a natural-looking set of lashes you will instantly fall in love with. Our skillful lash technicians will make sure you look elegant and as pretty as ever once they’re done working their magic.

Classic Eyelash Extensions — Procedure Explained

While getting a full set of lashes lasts about two hours, the basic set can be done in less time. This means you won’t have to spend too much time at our beauty salon but you will still walk out with a gorgeous set of natural-looking lashes that will frame your eyes and make you look and feel beautiful.
Once you arrive at our salon, our friendly staff will greet you and make sure you are well taken care of. When your appointment starts, our professional lash technician will ask you about your lash preferences and you will discuss the desired results with them.
Once you make sure you are on the same page, they will evaluate the condition of your natural lashes and start working. By carefully listening to you and utilizing their skills, they will create a customized set of lashes that will help you look your best.

Why Choose Natural Set Lashes?

Our natural set lashes are the perfect choice for all those ladies who want to try lash extensions for the first time, as well as those who prefer subtle and elegant looks. A bit of added length can do wonders and make you feel like a completely new person!
A full set of lashes can look great on some women, but it’s not what most of us want for our daily look. While over-the-top lashes can overwhelm your eyes and make you feel like you’re trying too hard, our classic lash extensions will do the opposite — they will make you feel elegant and classy.
This lash type is a perfect choice for your day-to-day looks since it makes a big difference without making you look like you’re trying too hard.

Contact Sherry Lash Studio

We believe that you are now at least a tiny bit interested in our natural set of lashes that can make you feel your best from the moment you wake up in the morning. Give us a call or book an appointment before we run out of free slots. If you’re still on the fence, feel free to book a consultation with our expert staff.

At our salon, you can always count on one thing — stunning, natural, and affordable lash extensions that will make you look and feel amazing.
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