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Basic Set

(70% Coverage)
If you are looking to add natural length and elegance to your lashes, then these classic extensions by Sherry Lash Studio are the perfect choice to frame your pretty eyes without overwhelming them.
VIP $120.00 Master $99.00 Regular $77.00 Student $49.00

1 Week Refil

$78.00 $30.00 $25.00 $15.00

2 Week Refil

$98.00 $59.00 $49.00 $19.00

3Week Refil

$108.00 $69.00 $25.00 $15.00

Full Set

(100% Coverage)
A step up from the basic set of extensions, these wispy beauties offer complete coverage of your natural lashes, adding glamour and drama that makes your eyes pop.
VIP $198.00 Master $120.00 Regular $99.00 Student $49.00

1 Week Refil

$78.00 $30.00 $25.00 $49.00

2 Week Refil

$98.00 $59.00 $49.00 $49.00

3 Week Refil

$108.00 $69.00 $59.00 $49.00

Volume mix

(150 – 200% Coverage)
Volume mix is an ideal option for you if you’re looking for natural eyelash extensions and your top priorities are lasting and healthy. Our professionals at Sherry Lash Studio provides you with the best care and look ever!
VIP $248.00 Master $140.00 Regular $120.00 Student $69.00

1 Week Refil

$98.00 $40.00 $35.00 $69.00

2 Week Refil

$98.00 $79.00 $69.00 $69.00

3 Week Refil

$108.00 $89.00 $79.00 $69.00

Russian Volume

(300 – 600% Coverage)
Applied in a fan-like shape, these voluminous, elegant lashes give a dramatic, eye-catching effect that won’t go unnoticed! Besides, they’re lightweight and long-lasting!
VIP $248.00 Master $169.00 Regular $159.00 Student $99.00

1 Week Refil

$98.00 $50.00 $45.00 $99.00

2 Week Refil

$98.00 $99.00 $89.00 $99.00

3 Week Refil

$108.00 $109.00 $100.00 $99.00

Available Curl Types

B Curl - Sherry Lash Studio
B Curl
C Curl - Sherry Lash Studio
C Curl
D Curl - Sherry Lash Studio
D Curl

Available Diameters

0.07 Diameter - Sherry Lash Studio
0.1 Diameter - Sherry Lash Studio
0.15 Diameter - Sherry Lash Studio
0.18 Diameter - Sherry Lash Studio

Lash Removal

After your lovely lash extensions have served their purpose, our trained technicians will remove them safely and quickly without causing any unnecessary damage to your natural lashes.


Lash Tint

If you want darker, fuller natural lashes, this treatment offers a subtle but long-lasting hint of color. Perfect for holidays, as there’s no chance of panda eyes in the pool!


Lash Lift

Our lash lift takes your natural lashes from droopy to doe-eyed in under an hour, eliminating the need for irritating eyelash curlers and making you look wide awake and wonderful.


The Lush World of Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are one of the most wonderful beauty inventions. Few beauty treatments can enhance your natural beauty as dramatically and noticeably as a beautiful set of eyelash extensions.
If you find eyelash extensions appealing but you’re not sure whether or not they’re your thing, you’re in the right place. Read on to explore the benefits of natural eyelash extensions that will help you decide.

What Are the Benefits of Eyelash Extensions?

Besides looking absolutely stunning, eyelash extensions also add a lot of value to your day to day routine and overall well being.

Say Goodbye to Mascara

Aren’t you tired of putting on mascara every single day? With lash extensions, there’s absolutely no need for mascara! This is one of the main reasons why people choose extensions.
You can say goodbye to mascara clumps around your eyes, and the headache of messing up your makeup accidentally. You can also forget all about raccoon eyes if you ever get caught in the rain. Additionally, if you are used to wearing only mascara, there will be no makeup for you to remove any more. Win-win!

Adding Length and Volume to Your Natural Lashes

Quite obviously, your natural eyelashes will look much longer and fuller with extensions. Why else would you get them, right?
Extensions are especially beneficial if your natural lashes are very short or lack volume. Speaking of which, you can use a serum for promoting their growth even while you’re wearing your extensions. Again, it’s a win-win!

Always Looking Fresh and Glamorous

Long, fluttery eyelashes will make your eyes pop, helping you always look fresh and well-rested. When you wake up in the morning, you will look gorgeous and full of life. They’re the best way for your eyes to appear much younger as if you’ve got an eyelift of sorts.
You will look fresh even at the pool, in a sauna, at the beach, in the gym, while you’re jogging or doing pretty much anything else. They will add a touch of glamour that will make you stand out wherever you are, without a single hint of makeup.

Why Choose Sherry Lash Studio?

Sherry Lash Studio is your one-stop-shop for the most wonderful beauty experiences. Among our other beauty services, we offer high-quality lash extensions that can last weeks and help you turn heads everywhere you go.
Our lash extensions in the Beauty Salon are all about glamour, style, and elegance. We have a lot of different types of natural eyelash extensions for you to choose from. They come in different volumes, lengths, and colors, so you’re bound to find something for your style and taste.
Our technicians are highly-trained, meticulous, patient, and incredibly friendly. They will make you feel like home from the moment you step into the salon.
If you’re ready to start feeling like a queen with the best lash extensions you can find, don’t hesitate to pay us a visit. We currently have three beauty salons in South Florida, and we are growing quickly!
Keep in mind that we’re almost always busy, so be sure to book your beauty time in advance. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!
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